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Give the Gift of Security with Savings Bonds
By: bconrad - Posted: 3/19/2011


Have you ever found yourself scratching your head wondering what to buy that special friend or family member for Christmas, a birthday or other special occasion? If so you are not alone. . It can be difficult to find just the perfect gift, and all too many presents end up sitting unused in a drawer somewhere. Giving cash is always an option, but many people find giving greenbacks cold and impersonal. Luckily there is an excellent solution to this age old dilemma – give your loved ones the gift of security with U.S. savings bonds.

U.S. savings bonds make perfect gifts for a number of reasons, including ease of purchase, low costs and excellent long term value. When you give your loved ones savings bonds you allow them to participate in the future of their country while earning a competitive rate of return. And unlike many presents, the gift of savings bonds will not lose their value. Unlike last year’s sweater or this year’s must have gadget, savings bonds will continue to provide benefits for years and decades to come.

And savings bonds are easy to buy and relatively inexpensive, making them an excellent choice for the kids and grandkids. Savings bonds can be purchased in denominations as low as $50, making them an excellent choice for birthday presents, holiday gifts and more. In fact many parents and grandparents have made the gift of savings bonds an annual tradition, allowing their children and grandchildren to accumulate a nest egg that can be used to buy a first car, defray the cost of college or even fund the down payment on a first home.

With all of these advantages it is easy to see why so many people are abandoning less useful holiday and special occasion gifts in favor of U.S. savings bonds. The unique combination of safety, security and affordability these bonds represent make them the perfect gift – for loved ones or even for yourself.

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